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Intelligent Business Media: iBm are an influential Digital Marketing and Sales-generation organisation, dedicated to helping our clients visualise, fund and kick-start their business and gain essential growth exposure to the right audiences.

Through a combination of carefully orchestrated business planning, fund raising, business development, digital marketing, financial administration, sales-generation, online promotional campaign developement and web events, we have demonstrated the knowledge, skills and experience to get great ideas, products, services and brands noticed and engaged in active revenue and sales generation.

We work with both new and established businesses.

If you are you ready to kick start your idea or take your existing business to the next level, talk to us!


You will find it hard to get access to better trained and experienced sale professionals at such short notice.


Between us, we have probably seen it, done it and worn the t-shirt in terms of sales and revenue generation.

iBm provide outstanding sales and administrative expertise on demand.

We implement ground-breaking, processes proven to turbo-charge revenue growth, using unique digital data-driven knowledge about the root triggers of buying and also provide virtual testing labs to field trial your sales campaigns in a safe environment.

We are flexible.

Call us in to provide a burst of brilliance for a short-term sales drive or to work with your current teams to develop long term strategies, as and when you need it.


Reduce risks and costly mistakes.


Call us and we will help you overcome immediate business challenges.

You have a great business idea but no business plan, no financial forecast, no funding, you need a new product or service launched, or you need to increase your bid-to-win ratio and increase sales revenue and margin, the life-blood of any company.

Or your figures show that your margins are dropping and you don’t know why?

All this whilst saving on the costs of exhausting employing overheads.

For more years than we care to remember, our founders have either run their own companies or helped established companies.


Investigating new markets. With our Go-to-Market service you can create a plan to launch a new product or service.


You will be able to identify your ideal customer, prove the value your product or service provides and get everything in place to achieve their objectives.

It’s a fundamental step towards critical business growth.

Imagine suddenly having a team of street-savvy and digitally-capable professionals that boasts over 50 years of delivering significant sales revenue for their clients. This is iBm.

We deliver business-critical benefits, reduce time to market, fixed costs and inject a fresh point of view!

iBm are exactly what you need, when you need it.


Marketing Strategy Planning and delivery are a key service provision.


Use iBm to instantly make your Marketing or sales team larger for a fraction of the cost.

We can provide on-demand services for companies struggling with under-performance issues or suffering from increased demands on technology, time and expertise.

We have access to specialist knowledge bases and resources across the entire marketing, sales, business administration and financial spectra, which means that your team can become surprisingly large, overnight!

We can cope with almost any situation.

We can help you get through the early business start-up pains; formalising your business idea, writing a business plan, financial forecasts, right the way to
getting your management team ready for investor-presentations, generating critical start-up funding
and even design, set up and achieving those first revenue streams!

We can cope with almost any busines situation:

  • One-off projects: There when you need us and gone when you don’t
  • Agency of record: Your go-to source for everything marketing, sales, admin, finance
  • Fresh-start projects: Initiate, Implement or Reinvent yourself or a new business


Get your business off the ground, financed and generating revenue from day one.

There is an established tech industry-saying “You can’t fail by buying IBM” - referring to Big Blue - and we believe it applies to us at (iBm) - "little blue" too!
iBm, don't just tell you the theory, we put it into practice for you.

Through a combination of sophisticated digital media strategies, promotions, press work and events, we have the demonstrated the knowledge and experience required to launch products and services and achieve major brand recognition.
iBm will help you deliver on your financial, business administration and sales and marketing objectives on time, to specification and in-budget.

Our techniques are an industry leader because of the hard work we put into helping each and every one of our business partners reach their goals.


We get your business ready for the next level

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