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Dave Willson

Big Data Specialist

Jon Will

Digital Martketing

Kim Johnson

Financial Analyst & Investor Consultant

At iBm we are constantly evolving and growing.

We provide wide range of services.

Our innovative insourced and unified approach empowers you to transform your business idea or company through your own efforts and our talented support. It is based on 50+ man-years of research into how businesses start, evolve and mature when the business environment changes. Combined with the power of Artificial Intelligence software innovation, the latest social media and affiliate marketing expertise and our experience in selling, we delivery quite spectacular results.

Use our virtual testing fascilities to run pilot tests of your new marketing, sales of social media strategies and propositions and as you improve them, if you need it, get access to investment capital for future growth.

Going this route has shown marked performance improvements for all our clients:

  • 40% increase in the speed of sales growth.
  • 25% increase in marketing effectiveness.
  • 30% increases in brand recognition
  • 50% elimination of resource waste

We can even negotiate variable payment options to the point where, providing you implement our pre-analysis labs, you can pay NOTHING until your revenues, or margins rise beyond agreed target levels because we are so confident in our abilities to generate marked improvements to your business, through use of our systems.

Our mission is to provide best of breed solutions that work.

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